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Characters of Camp Jameson

Arabella Paige Mason – Kitten

19 years old

Light Brown Hair, brown eyes


Birthday: July 15th

slim hour glass frame

runner/volleyball/ gymnastics

just started sophomore year nursing – Very serious student/ full scholarship

had sex with one man early freshman year – one night stand

Mother- Jennifer – VP of business

Father – Terry – Airforce- died 3 years ago in Iraq tour

Avery Matthew Jameson - Founder of Camp Jameson

26 years old

dark brown hair, green eyes


tall muscular build, square jaw

Birthday: January 3rd Capricorn

Bungee jumping/sky diving/ runner

Two husky/wolf dogs – Bo & Luke


Started camp at age 21

Brother – Pierce Jameson

Sara Renee Cox – Kitten/ Aria’s best friend since high school

19 years old

short blonde hair, blue eyes

5’6” model like figure

outgoing, bisexual

fashion degree

dating Colt Thompson

Colton Bradley Thompson – Aria’s Instructor/ Sara’s boyfriend of two years

25 years old


Blonde shaggy hair, blue eyes

Excellent football physique

Plays guitar/ architecture major

Caitlyn Camden – Nemesis/ Kitten

Barbie doll figure

24 years old

Models for Playboy Magazine, was Playboy bunny

Sienna Rae Burton – Aria’s Instructor/ Sean’s girlfriend

23 years old

Auburn hair, blue eyes, freckles on nose, lean with perky breasts

Has own lingerie line

Worked for Avery since camp opened 5 years ago

Avery’s female best friend- was his first at swinger’s club


Has been with Sara & Colt

Plays guitar

Sean Seeley – Cub/ Sienna’s boyfriend

23 years old

Wavy dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes

Broad shoulders, swimmers body

Law Student

Travis Whittacre – Instructor/ Maya’s boyfriend

Hazel eyes, buzz cut, brown hair


Has Maya's name tattooed over heart

Plays guitar

Pierce Jameson – Instructor/ Avery’s younger brother

24 years old

Highlighted hair, blue eyes

Plays guitar

he's trusting. He approaches every situation with an attitude of openness and a smile. Another of his dominant traits is self-confidence.

Maya Pennington– Instructor/ Travis’s girlfriend

22 years old

Tall, dark pixie cut hair, dark brown eyes

Ears pierced three times, Hoop in upper right ear, Tattoo on right shoulder

Plays guitar

Nathan Gregor – Cub/Aria’s one night stand in college

21 years old

Black hair, dark eyes

Infatuated with Aria

Ethan Cartwright – Cub/single guy

24 years old

Aria’s second sex partner

Law student/ Trust fund kid

Lives in San Diego

Soft brown eyes, shaggy dark hair, 6’0 tall

Wren Cartwright – Cub/single guy

24 years old

Aria’s third sex partner – swing

Lives in San Diego

Soft brown eyes, shaggy dark hair, 6’0 tall

Owns 20 gyms across the US

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