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Camp Jameson Series: 

Sara & Colt Novella - Out Now

Book One - Camp Jameson - Out Now

Book Two - Camp Paramore - Out Now

Book Three - Camp Ember - due out soon

Camp Jameson


Aria Mason had just finished her first year of nursing school and
was looking forward to spending her summer vacation with her best friend
Sara at Camp Jameson in Paradise Lake, Pennsylvania. Soon after arriving, Aria realizes she’s been tricked by her best friend and finds herself in a place she never knew existed – Sex Camp, and Aria is expected to participate. Camp Jameson hosts a variety of sexual exploration classes and theme parties, all leading up to one very big competition.
To make matters worse, the camp is in lockdown. She can’t leave. No one is
allowed in or out until the six weeks are complete, and she soon learns that the only man to break her heart – Nate Gregor, is locked in there with her.


Once Aria gets over the initial shock of this new lifestyle, she realizes she has even bigger problems. Twenty-six-year-old Avery Jameson, entrepreneur, and owner of Camp Jameson has just awakened her deep seeded desires. Avery is a powerful man that always gets what he wants, and he wants Aria.
Will Aria embrace her journey of self-exploration and discovery? Will she risk it all for a chance with Avery? All Aria wanted this summer was a chance at love, but can she really find love at a sex camp? And what about Nate?

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