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When twenty-year-old Aria Mason discovers Avery Jameson’s hidden world she’s

Intrigued, but it makes her realize she doesn’t know as much about Avery as she

thought, Camp Paramore is a secret playland for the world’s rich and famous

and she’s not in their league.


Aria quickly learns there is a darker side to Camp Paramore, where houseboys and

housegirls are paired with celebrities to make their fantasies come true, and when

the world’s biggest movie star comes to visit, Aria’s whole world begins to



Dorian Macallan is a hot British actor, who’s starring in an erotic trilogy that

has taken the world by storm. Soon after meeting Aria, Dorian enters into

negotiations with Avery to become the spokesperson for Jameson International, but

before he agrees, he has one condition. He wants Aria.


She would do anything to help Avery, but will it be worth it if she loses him in the

process and risks exposing Camp Paramore to the world.



Aria Mason had just finished her first year of nursing school and was looking forward to spending her summer vacation with her best friend Sara at Camp Jameson in Paradise Lake, Pennsylvania. Soon after arriving, Aria realizes she’s been tricked by her best friend and finds herself in a place she never knew existed – Sex Camp and Aria is expected to participate. Camp Jameson hosts a variety of sexual exploration classes and theme parties, all leading up to one very big competition.
To make matters worse, the camp is in lockdown. She can’t leave. No one is allowed in or out until the six weeks are complete, and she soon learns that the only man to break her heart – Nate Gregor, is locked in there with her.


Once Aria gets over the initial shock of this new lifestyle, she realizes she has even bigger problems. Twenty-six-year-old Avery Jameson, entrepreneur, and owner of Camp Jameson has just awakened her deep seeded desires. Avery is a powerful man that always gets what he wants, and he wants Aria.
Will Aria embrace her journey of self-exploration and discovery? Will she risk it all for a chance with Avery? All Aria wanted this summer was a chance at love, but can she really find love at a sex camp? And what about Nate?

Praise for Camp Jameson




"The wait is over. Camp Jameson is here! Thrilling and entertaining, like camping out with Yogi Bear on Gilligan's Isle and Ginger's his sex slave." - The Brady Lake Times



"I must say this book has left me a what the freak did I just read state of mind. It was creatively written, sexy as sin, naughty beyond belief and just out right hilarious. Sex camp is a total twist to summer camp. The only thing that bugged me was the way these crazy ass people ran to other people for sex in order to not deal with their lives and oh yea Catilyn also bugged me." - Melanie, from Goodreads



“Wow, I am really excited after reading this book. If I could give more than 5 stars I would! Where can I find my own Camp Jameson? I was screaming, rooting, laughing, had chill bumps at some points, and even anxiety at the end. This is a definite must read! I can't wait for the next book!”  – Rebecca from Cover to Cover Book Blog 



"Sign me up for summer camp at Camp Jameson! This book will leave you aching to join in the classes, craving more and wanting to register for camp. It truly does have it all. I not only loved the main characters, but I became attached to all the supporting characters as well. I laughed at the pranks crossed my legs with want during the games and classes, and can't wait to see what happens at the next camp! This book is absolutely worth the read and I would highly recommend it to everyone."  – Amy Loves Reading Book Blog 



"I found this book cute, funny, sexy, a hot read with a happily ever after type cliffhangers. This book made me wish there were camps like this when I was in my 20's…The intimate scenes were steamy and then there were the cute/funny scenes to balance the story…once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down." 

                                                                                                                                                        – KR Pink Momma Book Blog 



"This was one HOT read! I loved the book immensely and greatly enjoyed it. I found Aria very easy to relate to and the further I got in the book, the more I liked her. Avery was frustrating but still loveable. The premise of the book is unique, which makes it even more entertaining. It is a great debut by Wendy Lea Thomas. Highly…highly recommended. I can hardly wait for book 2!" – Author Carrie Fox 



"This was definitely a very different read for me. The writing was very well done. The imagination the author uses for words to describe a woman's and man's private parts were extraordinary. Some of them were quite funny. I had no idea there were that many descriptive words for those parts. The sex was very very hot and quite imaginative as well. I am looking forward to the next book in the series."  – Author Alex Grayson 



"Wow! This book was quite interesting and the best kind. I was blown away by the writing style, the unique storyline, and the great characters…I would definitely recommend this book to those who love a good laugh and sexy scenes!"  – Author H.S. Strickland

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